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CRT 105-107 Reading Notes - Reading Assignment: Unit 2,...

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Reading Assignment: Unit 2, Assignment 1 CRT 105 – 107 - Institutional VS Diffused Religion o Institutional – practiced in social institutions that are specifically and uniquely religious, such as a church or monetary o Diffused – practiced in “secular” social settings, such as the family, community, or state Ancestor worship, for example, would be diffused because it takes place within the family unit Popular religion is largely diffused – most local temples are financed and run by community members Libu : An important ministry of the imperial government called the Bureau of Rites - Governed an elaborate schedule of rituals conducted by government officials, from the emperor on down Two “Great Sacrifices”: 1. Annual sacrifice to Heaven on the winter solstice (performed by emperor involving hundreds of people) 2. Sacrifice to Earth on the summer solstice o There were also “middle sacrifices” (local gods, sun, moon, wind, rain, previous emperors, and to Confucius)
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