citm102 ch08

citm102 ch08 - CITM CH08 E-COMMERCE TECHNOLOGIES Moore’s...

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Unformatted text preview: CITM CH08 E-COMMERCE TECHNOLOGIES Moore’s Law : Computing power roughly doubles every 18 months.- Computing power is measured by the maximum number of transistors in an integrated circuit- Illustrates the rate of change in technology capability over and the resulting effect on cost FIRST GENERATION: ESTABLISHING A WEB PRESENCE Definitions 1. Static Content- Fixed information- Ex: company information, on-line marketing, and electronic versions of company brochures, images, videos 2. Web Presence- Business has established its existence on the World Wide Web by creating a set of pages that users can access 3. Brochureware- A site with only static content Technologies 1. Client/Server Networks – the network over which data travels 2. Browser – application software that lets user request and view web pages – Advantage1: multi-media capabilities enhance info that business wishes to convey – Advantage2: similarity of all browsers reduce the training required 3. HTTP Protocol – the standardized rules for exchanging data over the Web – (hypertext transfer protocol) – is connectionless and stateless : it forgets about requests and responses after they are complete 4. HTML – the language that guides the display of a requested page Limitations • Websites are limited to providing static content Advantages CITM CH08 • low-cost and simple Process: (Illustrated by above diagram) SECOND GENERATION: PROVIDING INTERACTIONS...
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citm102 ch08 - CITM CH08 E-COMMERCE TECHNOLOGIES Moore’s...

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