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3:27:12 - NOTES TORTURE We strongly describe ourselves as...

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PHI363 3/27/12 Produce counter arguments Everything controversial needs to be cited or explained. Footnote. The audience for the paper, is my fellow class mates Apply this to all paper you write. Do not write sentences more than 2 lines Avoid the passive All citations should come from the reading 1. Why do they disagree, and on what specific points to they disagree. Explain a realist point of view. Afghanistan, Iraq, Libia? Intervention? Syria, hasn’t been any intervention.. should their be? Question 2: Al Gershwitz write on either torture or terrorism or both
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Unformatted text preview: NOTES TORTURE We strongly describe ourselves as good, democratic people, liberal, so we are not permitted to torture people Ticking bomb-Holding alleged terrorist, who says there is a bomb about to go off somewhere.-This is where national security comes into conflict with human rights. When can torture become ok.-Would you be able to torture? YES Some countries have strong prohibition on torture Especially west German. . 1948 Constitution...
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