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PHI363Notes3:29:12 - -Is the world converging on a form of...

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PHI363 Notes Nicolas Canel Human Rights Essay topic of just terrorism Essay on BB David Luban Just war and human right ( Terorism?) Essay on BB War Issues in Human Rights 1. What are human rights? - The universal declaration of Human Rights (1948) (a) International Legal Rights (positivism) A Law is only a law when it fits into the natural lives of humans and society (b) Minimal universal standards – but how do we define minimal? (Griffin/Raz) (c) Conditions of International legitimacy 2. Human rights, Western Imperialism. And Cultural Relativism - Are Human rights “western” or “universal”? (Lew Kwan Yu/Amartya Sen)
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Unformatted text preview: -Is the world converging on a form of liberal, democratic capitalism” (Fukuyama)-Is that convergence desirable? 3. Philosophical Justification of Human Rights Person P has a right iff some aspect of P’s well-being (his or her interest) is of sufficient importance to justify the imposition of duties on others. 4. Is there a human rights to paid vacation? A human right to a jury trial? A right to a democratic government? 5. The Role of Human Rights in International Politics (China’s Country Reports) Philosophical anthropolical view...
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