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Study Guide - Study Guide Brain Mandible = jaw bone Cranium...

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Study Guide Brain Mandible = jaw bone Cranium = bone structure Dura = leathery casing that encases all the brain and spinal cord, function is to protect brain Cerebral spinal fluid = under dura, another form of protection Choroid plexus = filters blood to produce cerebral spinal fluid, acts like colander Spinal fluid has to be reabsorbed back into the blood and if the production doesn’t match the reabsorption then you get meningitis Major source of fluid in body is the blood (circulatory system) Arachnoid granulations = takes the reabsorbed spinal fluid and places it into venous blood flowing through the dural sinus and this feeds back into the jugular vein, old blood gets pumped to lungs to get oxygen, new blood goes to heart so it can get pumped to arteries Arteries and veins goes up to the choroid plexus to be filtered through and then will get reabsorbed into the arachnoids and then sucked up by venous and dura Water doesn’t filter though Arteries Carotid arteries = front ones that go to your brain Vertebral arteries = are in the back, go to brain and eventually blend to form anterior, middle, and posterior cerebral arteries Middle Cerebral artery = biggest, most often gets blocked during strokes Anterior cerebral artery Movement Cerebellum = function is to make second to second updates in your movement o Air detection, purkinjee cell – mediator for fixing things, receives info for intended movement, detects air between intended movement and the reality of the movement o Kinesthetic sense = cerebellum gets a blueprint plan of intended movement, samples
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Study Guide - Study Guide Brain Mandible = jaw bone Cranium...

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