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Interracial Marriages

Interracial Marriages - Interracial Marriages Racial mixing...

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Interracial Marriages Racial mixing – negative outcomes for the characteristics of society Overview History of Miscegenation Pace v. Alabama – barred interracial marriages McLaughlin v. Florida Loving v. Virginia Paucity of Interracial Marriages Making Sense of the Exception: Latino and Asian Interracial Marriages o Even though people don’t have to marry within their race, people tend to History of Miscegenation Refers to the mixture of two or more races Miscegenation – first appeared during the presidential election of 1864 o Wanted to come up with an alternative to amalgamation to describe interracial marriages o Amalgamation – mixing of metals o Wanted to emphasize that interracial marriages is unnatural Promotes notion that interracial marriage is unnatural Until 1967, that notion stood as taken for granted basis of American laws and policy States could recognize interracial but not federal law In 1864, various states, not just in the South, prohibited interracial marriages Miscegenation applied not only to Whites and Blacks o Only really applied to whites and other groups Miscegenation laws only applied to the prohibition of Whites marrying other groups Race as a Social Construction
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