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Managed Heart

Managed Heart - Airlines raise expectations with ads...

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Managed Heart The human cost of becoming an “instrument of labor” The worker can become estranged or alienated from an aspect of self Surface vs deep acting Feeling Rules – happy at weddings sad at funerals o wedding – feelings about the religious solemnity of the occasion, she may be asked to keep them to herself o Funeral – not feeling sad Emotion work, feeling rules, and social structure When people are no longer free to negotiate their own rate of ‘exchange’, when emotion management becomes another aspect of saleable labour power, then feelings become commodities Commercial love becoming apart of routine face-to-face service jobs
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Unformatted text preview: Airlines raise expectations with ads, discrepancy of promise and fact, flight attendant have to deal with disappointment Flight attendants interview deep acting part of their job Emotional memories Managing feelings flight attendants trained to rid themselves of anger, imagine that his wife just died blah blah Bill collector vs flight attendant flight attendant enhance customer status work determines how you play your emotions suppression of feelings Emotionless men doctors, emotion women nurses...
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