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SOCI MIDTERM ESSAY QUESTIONS HOMOSEXUALS IMMIGRATION 1917 Asian Barred Zone – barred the entry of all Asians (except Filipinos) and excluded “constitutional psychopathic inferiors” 1952 McCarran Walter Act – excluded “constitutional psychopathic inferiors” & “abnormal sexual instincts” Boutilier v. INS – permanent resident who applied for citizenship but had a sodomy charge and was given Class A exclusion certificate. 6 of 9 justices ruled that “homosexuals could be excluded and deported from the US” 1952 American Psychiatric Association – established homosexuality as a sociopathic disorder legitimated Public Health Service to issue class A medical certificates 1980 Refugee Act – asylum if member of persecuted social group (used to exclude gays/ now it includes) Quiroz case – lesbian not able to be in the US, gays not able to use long term relationships with citizens to gain US residency INS – monitoring techniques and check points MARRIAGE 1996 Defense of Marriage Act – defined marriage as one between a man and a woman (migrants do not quality to enter as marriage migrants) Quiroz case in “Looking like a Lesbian” – marries but is still deported, INS says deportation based on condition at entry INEQUALITY G.I. Bill/blue discharge – undesirable discharge issued because of homosexual actions and this excluded them from receiving benefits 1928 Stockton Case – sex perversion new felon category/1921 criminalized oral sex Vagrancy laws o 1872 vagrancy statute – criminalized being an “idle or dissolute person” o Vagrants seen as lewd – prone habits of immorality (sodomy) – policing of sex o “having a certain personal condition or being a person of a certain character…rather than criminalizing a certain specific act” o became most deployed criminal sanction against same sex intimacy (“vag lewd” charge) RACE INTERMARRIAGE Asian and Latinos most likely to intermarry with whites
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  • Miscegenation, Public Health Service, History of immigration to the United States, United States federal immigration and nationality legislation, 1924 Immigration Act

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