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1 Madison Nina Madison Professor Parrenas SOCI 220 1 December 2011 Hooking Up and Erotic Sex Not only has the meaning of love changed drastically over time, but also the ways in which relationships form. Marriage used to be the fundamental reason for relationships, where parental control and social status were the primary factors dictating whether a relationship was sustained or not. Over time, relationships shifted from the initiation of formal arrangements to traditional dating. With a lack of parental supervision opened the opportunity for sexual intimacy to take place before marriage. In addition, the increase of women in college prompted a social scene that, fueled with alcohol, contributed to sexual intimacy in relationships. Modern technology contributed also in the form of birth control, which increased premarital sex. This caused sexual intimacy to became a primary aspect of the modern hookup culture. As the culture of relationships shifted from dating to hookups, scholars evaluated the differences between males and females. Historically, females have always been seen as inferior to males. Although both genders participate in “no-strings attached” relationships, a double standard is apparent. With this and the complexity of relationships, hookups can often create tensions between individuals. Kathleen A. Bogle’s book, “Hooking Up,” illustrates the transformation of love with sex, dating, and relationships in college. Zygmunt Bauman’s article, “On Postmodern Uses of Sex,” articulates the same theory in a broader sense. Both Bogle and Bauman discuss how the modern hookup culture formed and came to be what it is today.
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2 Although both Bogle and Bauman describe intimate relationships prior to the hookup culture, Bogle focuses on parental control while Bauman focuses on societal pressures. Initially, parental control and the emphasis on marriage as an outcome of relationships inhibited sexual intimacy as a part of courting. Marriage was essential for women because they depended on males for financial support. Women rarely went to college and their gender role was to stay at home as a wife. In the calling era, men were formally invited over to the woman’s house and were approved by the family. When formal dating was introduced, “intimate relationships moved
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SOCI essay #2 - 1 Madison Nina Madison Professor Parrenas...

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