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Weekly Assignment 6

Weekly Assignment 6 - Brenda Chan Weekly Assignment 6...

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Brenda Chan 03/29/12 Weekly Assignment 6 Summary : In the paper “Self-Locating Belief and the Sleeping Beauty Problem” by Adam Elga, Elga goes in depth on the Sleeping Beauty problem and what he believes to be the correct answer to the problem. The Sleeping Beauty problem talks about if some people were to put you asleep. During the two days that you are sleeping, the people wake you up either once or twice depending on the toss of heads or tails on a coin (with heads=once, tails=twice). After you wake up, you are put to sleep with a drug that makes you forget you woke up. So after waking up, what probability should you associate with the coin toss being heads? Elga argues that the probability that the coin toss is heads is 1/3. He states that the first awakening is on Monday and if there is a second that it will be on Tuesday. So then you are in one of three possible predicaments: H 1 (Heads and it is Monday), T 1 (Tails and it is Monday), or T 2 (Tails and it is Tuesday). Elga argues that P(T 1 )=P(T 2
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