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Article Summary 2-Jazz in the 40s

Article Summary 2-Jazz in the 40s - Brenda Chan Article...

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Brenda Chan 01/23/12 Article Summary-Jazz in the 40s “Jazz in the Forties” is an article written by Scott Deveaux. Published in 1987 from The Black Perspective in Music , this article contains a compilation of interviews that Deveaux had with trumpet player Howard McGhee (also known as “Maggie”) in New York City from 1980 to 1982. Throughout the interviews, readers get a closer look at how McGhee started his trumpeting career and the route he took that eventually led him into becoming one of the first bepop jazz trumpeters. McGhee was born in Tusla, Oklahoma but raised in Detroit, Michigan. Although McGhee had originally started on the trumpet, he was forced to play the clarinet at his all-boys school band. He says playing the clarinet ultimately helped him in the long run with playing as fast as he could on the trumpet due to the amount of music clarinets had to play (twice as much music as trumpets). McGhee’s influences growing up were Louis Armstrong and Roy Eldridge.
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