Article Summary 3-R&B Sanctified (Gospel Connection)

Article Summary 3-R&B Sanctified (Gospel...

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Brenda Chan 01/30/12 This week’s article came from Rockin’ Out: Popular Music in the U.S.A. by Reebee Garofalo. Published in 2010, “R&B Sanctified: The Gospel Connection” talks about the emergence of r&b from gospel music. This article gets into some specific artists/groups that influenced the r&b and gospel industries and how r&b eventually became an accepted genre of music. During the late 1940s, r&b was growing in popularity and gospel music was being recorded in major city centers throughout America. There was a clear distinction between the two types of genres in the African American community. At that time, r&b was considered unrespectable, low, degrading, and “the devil’s music” compared to gospel music. But starting in the early 1950s, some gospel-trained singers were moving towards the secular world of r&b, keeping their gospel roots within the songs. The Dominoes, founded by Billy Ward in 1950, was the first group to combine r&b and gospel together. The group had different vocal leads such as Clyde McPhatter, Jackie Wilson, and Bill Ward. McPhatter formed his own group after leaving
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Article Summary 3-R&B Sanctified (Gospel...

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