Article Summary 4-Cho Choo Ch'Boogie

Article Summary 4-Cho Choo Ch'Boogie - Brenda Chan Article...

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Brenda Chan 02/08/2012 Article Summary In the article “ Choo Choo Ch’Boogie”: The Postwar Era, 1946-1954 , the author describes the black music that was popular after World War II. The article goes in depth about the different black musicians (soloists and groups) that were gaining popularity during this time period as well as the genres that were already popular or just sprouting. Replacing the term “race records”, rhythm and blues (R&B) was mainly performed by black artists and marketed to blacks. R&B was a loose cluster of styles that originated from the migration of African Americans to urban centers like New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago, bringing with them southern folk traditions. After WWII, there came a reappearance of small independent record labels for performers who were ignored by major record companies such as Columbia and Capitol. These small labels had dreams of becoming huge financial successes, bringing R&B to popular music, but it was nearly impossible for most of them. Often, indie owners would put their names down as co-composers on songs and they would usually end up earning more royalties than the actual composer. The practice of covering songs was increasing during this time by black musicians. The first commercially successful category of R&B was jump blues, gaining popularity during and after WWII. Specializing in hard-swinging, boogie-woogie-based party music with humorous lyrics and wild stage performances, jump blues came from big band leaders having to
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Article Summary 4-Cho Choo Ch'Boogie - Brenda Chan Article...

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