Article Summary 8-Soul in the Culture of African Americans

Article Summary 8-Soul in the Culture of African Americans...

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Brenda Chan 03/28/12 Article Summary In the article “Soul in the Culture of African Americans” by Phillip L. Mason, Mason talks about the traces of African culture that have been integrated into African American life. Published in the Music Educators Journal in 1992, the author goes in depth on particular aspects of African culture that appear in everyday African American life. When there is anything written about African Americans, it mostly consists of social definitions. But what needs to be recognized is that African Americans are also social and spiritual beings. African American spirituality began in ancient African rituals, but the nature of slavery in the United States dictated the way in which African culture could be adapted. From diverse sources, African American music has spiritual involvement. From artists like gospel singer Mahalia Jackson to jazz saxophonist Pharoah Saunders, African American musicians have always dealt with refining the essence of spirituality in one way or another. Most of the customs, attitudes, and cultural characteristics of African Americans can be traced directly or indirectly back to Africa. These characteristics that have been preserved by African Americans in the new world are often referred to by many scholars as Africanisms, which are elements of African culture that infiltrate all aspects of African American life whether religious or secular. African Americans are spiritual and social people. The social situation of
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Article Summary 8-Soul in the Culture of African Americans...

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