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Paper 1 - Brenda Chan 03/09/12 Paper-Does God Exist? The...

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Brenda Chan 03/09/12 Paper-Does God Exist? The argument from authority for the belief in God goes as follows: Premise 1 says we are in a context in which many figures of authority believe that God exists. Premise 2 says we should believe what figures of authority in our context believe. The conclusion drawn from these two premises is that we should believe that God does exist. There are some issues that arise from premise 2. Therefore, one should not believe in the existence of God based off the argument of authority. The first issue with premise 2 is the whole sentence itself. The sentence is saying that we should believe everything that figures of authority believe when we really should not. People are entitled to their own beliefs. They should not have to have the same opinions as figures of authority. For example, many figures of authority (i.e. politicians) believe in keeping gay marriage illegal. Does that mean everybody else should have the same belief? Absolutely not. People should not assume that everything figures of authority believe in is right just because they are in that certain position of power. Having opinions based on the opinions of others is not how people should always formulate their beliefs. Now the question is to what extent should we believe in figures of authority and base our opinions on them. Should we automatically assume that their beliefs are not correct just because they were not our opinions in the first place? Again, no. But there is a difference between personal beliefs and beliefs based on facts. Beliefs from figures of authority that have the data and proof to back them up are beliefs that we can safely assume to adopt from them. For example, the beliefs of scientists about science, doctors about medicine, mechanics
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about cars, and teachers about education are legitimate because they have the evidence to prove that their beliefs are correct. But all of these scientists, doctors, mechanics, and teachers have
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Paper 1 - Brenda Chan 03/09/12 Paper-Does God Exist? The...

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