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MTH109 final exam review (Sum2010)

MTH109 final exam review (Sum2010) - MTH 109 Math for...

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MTH 109 Math for Allied Health Departmental Final Exam Review 1. Write the number 49.5 in Roman numerals. A. LXIX B. LXIXSS C. XLIX D. XLIXSS 2. The Roman numeral CXII can be written as the Hindu-Arabic numeral A. 42 B. 62 C. 112 D. 57 3. John is on a new diet and keeps track of his weight loss each week. In January, he lost 1 5 2 lb the first week, 2lb the second week, 1 2 4 lb the third week, and 1 1 2 lb the last week. How much weight did he lose in January? A. 1 11 4 lb B. 1 9 4 lb C. 12lb D. 3 10 4 lb 4. To give 0.5mg of medication using 0.25mg tablets, how many tablets should be dispensed? 5. Give the percent strength of a solution that contains 1mL of pure drug in 25mL of
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6. A 1 2 % solution is prepared using pure bichloride of mercury liquid. Write this percent as an equivalent decimal number and as a reduced fraction. 7. A pediatric dentist calculates that two out of three children receive fluoride treatments after they have their teeth cleaned. If his dental hygienist cleaned teeth of 240 children during a month, how many of these received fluoride treatments? 8. The population of White Oak decreased from 16,000 to 15,120. What was the percent of decrease in the population of the town? A. 5.5% B. 6.5% C. 6% D. 5.8% 9. The formula used to calculate body mass index is 2 703 w BMI h where w =weight in lb and h =height in inches. Calculate June’s BMI if she weighs 140lb and is 5ft 4in tall.
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