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mth 121 final review & answer key (f07)_usethis

mth 121 final review & answer key (f07)_usethis -...

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MTH 121—Final Review Reviews are not comprehensive. Homework, worksheets and exams should also be used as study aides. Part A: True/False: 1. Commutativity holds for division of whole numbers. 2. Division of the whole numbers has both the closure property and the commutative property. 3. Intermediate algorithms are easier to understand than standard algorithms. 4. Calculation using a rounded number is a good way to estimate an answer. 5. A number is divisible by 16 if it is divisible by 8 and 2. 6. The number 7 divides 5 x 21 x 14. 7. Every fraction is a whole number. 8. The set of fractions is not closed under addition. 9. Every repeating decimal can be represented as a fraction. 10. The expanded form of 3.079 is 3 + 7/10 + 9/100. 11. Every even number can be written as the sum of two odd numbers. 12. If two consecutive even numbers can be written as 2n, followed by 2n+2, the next consecutive even number would be 2n+4. 13. The number 1 is a prime number. 14. The Fibonacci sequence is 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 15. If A = {even whole numbers} and B ={multiples of 3}. Then 16. {1, 2, 3, 4} is equivalent to {a, b, c, d}
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Part B: Multiple Choice: 17. Which of these are equal? i) 17/50% ii) 0.0034 iii) 0.34% a. (i) and (ii) only b. (i) and (iii) only c. (ii) and (iii) only d. (i), (ii), and (iii) 18. If the ratio a:b is 2, then which of the following is true? a. ab=2 b. a=1 and b=2 c. b=2a d. a=2b 19. Which of the following numbers is the smallest? a.
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mth 121 final review & answer key (f07)_usethis -...

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