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University of Southern California Marshall School of Business BUAD 307 Lars Perner, Ph.D., Instructor Marketing Fundamentals Spring, 2012 EXPECTED TEXTBOOK PREPARATION FOR CLASS SESSIONS To allow us to spend more class time issues that are more interesting to discuss, you should be familiar with the below background information prior to arriving for the week’s lecture session. Generally, you will not be expected to remember definitions or specific figures. The important things are to (1) understand the issues raised and their implications and (2) appreciate the “big picture.” Although we may gloss over the listed issues relatively quickly in class, you are encouraged to bring up questions or issues for analysis during discussion sessions. Week Date Issues with which you should be familiar before the week’s lecture session 1 1/09 No assigned textbook chapters. 2 1/16 3 1/23 Ch. 1: “Overview of Marketing” Core aspects of marketing Users of marketing Value; value co-creation Reasons why marketing is important Ch. 2: “Developing Marketing Strategies and a Marketing Plan” Marketing strategy Sustainable competitive advantage Marketing plan and its phases Portfolio analysis and strategic business units (SBUs) Boston Consulting Group model Growth strategies REMINDER: Your emphasis should be on understanding and being able to apply the material—not on memorizing definitions or “facts” without context.
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