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University of Southern California BUAD 307 Lars Perner, Ph.D., Instructor Marketing Fundamentals Spring, 2012 PROJECT PROPOSAL IMPORTANT NOTE ON GPS TECHNOLOGY: Each semester, several individuals propose products based on GPS technology. This is fine if the technology can be made to work. Please note, however, that GPS technology generally involves one way communication. A GPS system works by the process of “triangulation:” Based on the different amounts of time it takes for the signal from three or more satellites to arrive, the location of the receiver can be determined by comparing the distances to each of the satellites. (There is actually a tiny adjustment made to account for General Relativity). A GPS usually cannot transmit back to the satellite. Transmitting back to a satellite will generally require a large satellite DISH. It may be possible, however, to create a weaker local signal and “piggyback” on cell phone tower transmission. This would have to be negotiated with the cell phone companies and would add to the cost. Name: Penny P. Profit E-mail: [email protected] 1. Title of venture (e.g., product name or brand name if new brand): The Identity Wiper 2. This project involves (please put an “X” in one box below): X New product/service that is not currently available. An existing product/service targeted at an underserved segment. An existing product distributed though a different channel (that is, a new way or place to sell a product to better serve potential customers). A product adapted from one country to another. 3. This is a (please put an “X” in one box below): X For-profit venture Non-profit program or venture Program to support an existing brand
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4. This venture is intended as a (please put an “X” in one box below): X New firm/organization that would be set up with its own financing. New venture for an existing firm. Please specify firm: 5. The main realistic revenue/profit sources of this venture are intended to come from (please check all significant sources, but NOT sources that are likely to be minor or are, realistically speaking, unlikely to materialize) (please put an “X” in one or more boxes below): X Direct sale of the product or service to end users X Sale of the product to consumers through wholesalers, retailers, and/or other distributors Sale of the product as a component to manufacturers of an end product Franchising of service operation Licensing of technology to manufacturers/developers Advertising revenue Other --> Please specify: If you checked more than one of the above, which source of revenue/profit is likely to be the most significant one? Sales through retailers and distributors. 6. Do you have a rough idea of what this product or service might cost the end customer ?
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Sample_Project_Proposal_Sp12 - University of Southern...

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