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11.1 music notes

11.1 music notes - There is no way to sample without paying...

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Nov. 1 Sampling and Intellectual Property How much is a sample worth to Puff Daddy? “I’ll be missing you – Puff Daddy” Puff Daddy’s way of saying let me talk less about myself by talking about myself. If you record something and anyone else comes along and uses your sound you have the right to sue them. Copyright is a right of ownership that has to do with protecting a publisher’s right (a publisher’s monopoly). It is bestowed by government to publishers. Author usually does not own the copyright 75% of the time = copyrights controlled by publishers Two types of music copyright: publishing and mechanical OR song and sound Under copyright law, a cover song is totally legal
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Unformatted text preview: There is no way to sample without paying unless you want to risk a lawsuit 2 Live Crew, “Pretty Woman” (1991) “Settling out of court” “covers” Roby Orbisons “Oh Pretty Woman” Parody (fair use – a copyright law) In principle, parody can happen in commercial works “Remanded” the court decided not to comment on the 2 Live Crew case, settled out of court Fair use = “affirmative defense” 1991: Biz Markie “Alone Again” Samples Gilbert O’ Sullivan’s “Alone Again (Naturally)” Pre-1991: Wild West era of sampling After 1991: Markie almost-ruling, sampling becomes dangerous. “Get a license, or don’t sample.”...
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