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11/22/11 HIP-HOP CAPITALISM AND HIP-HOP MOGULS Recalll… …longstanding tensions in African-American culture: to assimilate or to separate from the American system? Manifestations of sepeartion -afrocentrism -political radicalism -nation of islam – like ice cube -nation of Gods and Earth (Five percenters) criminality – like manifestations of assimilation: -political progressivism -use of existent power structures for rise within American culture -entrepreneurialism; capitalism, Assimilation and separation exist in a dialectic. Two things in a dialectic coexist they can be similar yet opposites When is entrepreneurialism tantamount to assimilation? To separation? Clip from The Mack (1973) -hip-hop in the 90s any gangster rap references to this scene -hip hop has been preoccupied with the assimilation/separation dialectic. -it becomes especially pertinent during the 1990’s -for a while hip hop is luring criminality Consider these examples:
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