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finals notes - Sampling its illegal to take it without...

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Sampling – it’s illegal to take it without permission now. A good example of this is 2 Live Crew and his song “Pretty woman” which was stolen from Roby Orbisons, “Oh Pretty Woman” They got away with it due to the ruling of ‘fair use’ which basically exempted them from the rule, but as Biz Markies song “Alone again” which was stolen from Gilbert o sullivans “Alone again (naturally ) shows, its illegal and it basically put his album out of business This is discussed in the reading, “The ethics of digital audio sampling” by Thomas porcello Media portrayed black nationalism as revolutionary and almost terrorist like as exemplified by the Jeremiah Wright scandal – pastor of Obama, depicted to be crazy and talking smack on the US on the news. Two ways of black nationalism: Assimilation and revolution (discussed in “black nationalism and rap music” by Errol Henderson) Assimilation was backed by w.e.b. dubois who felt it was important for black middle class to send to universities to educate themselves in European classics. To have them fit in the current system to have power in the gov. position Assimilationist hip hop ex .: “Shahkilay” poor righteous teachers . Talks of the 85, 10, 5 percent and how the 5 percent are willingly poor and righteous and trying to help the others. The songs are more melodious and has jazz influence as well as drums that are less hard hitting
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finals notes - Sampling its illegal to take it without...

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