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musc 420- Jazz rap 11-8 - when they are trying to figure...

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420m Demers Hip-Hop Music Culture I. How does the media portray black nationalism? a. Michael Eric Dyson a.i. A bit idealistic a.ii. any person of color who uses the n-word is evoking environment of repression, poverty, etc. b. Clip from CNN about Jeremiah Wright II. How has hip-hop employed rhetoric of black nationalism? a. Two poles: assimilation vs. revolution a.i. Not unique to black nationalism a.i.1. Is a dilemma any disenfranchised group confronts
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Unformatted text preview: when they are trying to figure out how to become upwardly mobile in the US a.ii. Assimilation a.ii.1. Embodied by WEB Dubois a.iii. Revolution a.iii.1. Embodied by Booker T. Washington a.iii.2. Argues for black self-governance, black control of farms/factories a.iv. More recent examples of assimilation v. revolutionary a.iv.1. MLK v. Malcom X...
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