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Thesis notes - Thesis: In the past, hip hop has represented...

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Thesis: In the past, hip hop has represented itself as a rogue, even outlaw of activity But starting in the 1990’s,, hip-hop began to represent itself in a new way- as a mode of legal entrepreneurialism Example: THE WIRE – tv show -people like jay-z start to talk about hip hop as if it’s a business before hip-hop …illusion of music’s independence from business Thanks to hip-hop… …explicit coupling of business with music. - think back to popular music in all manifestation all of those musical forms have been all about music, popular music is a consumer product, however none of those musical products would brag about their statuses commodity, you have people being critical of consumerism, but not one of them bragging before hip hop came - thanks to mid 90’s hip hop we have this celebration of consumer status o Wu-Tang Clan, “Da mystery of Chessboxin” (1993) -bragging of merchandising gives us wu-tang clan logo, as if the producers that put together the signature wu-tang clan sound together with the person who came up with the logo as if all of them came up with a package that all of this together people would know its wu-tang territory they were the first people to brign to hip hop to bring sophisticated packaging and attract people with business model than winning over with equality of songs -on wu-tang clan’s new approach toward labels: “ we reinvtned the way hip hop was structured, and what I eman is you have a group signed to a label yet the infrastructure of our deal was like anyone else’s we still could negotiate with any label we wanted. .like Meth went with Def Jam, Rae stayed with Loud, Ghost went with Sony, GZA went with Geffen Records, feel me? […]” “and all these labels still put “razor sharp records” on the credits…wu- tang was financial movement. So what do you wanna diversify. ..?” your assets?” ---RZA -wu tang brags about arargnement in their lyrics, an incredibly innovative
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Thesis notes - Thesis: In the past, hip hop has represented...

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