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Commentary2 - Tae Min Pak AMST 301 Professor Gustafson...

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Tae Min Pak AMST 301 Professor Gustafson 2/9/11 Wednesday 2/9 Commentary Through the poem Columbus Day, by Jimmie Durham, I was able to see the discovering of America in a completely different light. Through his poem, Durham furthers his narrative from the point of view of the natives who had been killed and murdered in the process of Columbus, Cortez, and Pizarro’s conquest. This poem spoke to me in so many different ways because it showed a completely different perspective than the one I had grown up learning about. Youth all across America learn in our history books about how Columbus, a great hero, discovers America and establishes a colony. However, we never hear of the natives who essentially had to be killed to make room for the Europeans. It was both shocking and educational for me to read
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