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commentary4.11 - impossible is analogous to the task of the...

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Tae Min Pak AMST 301 Professor Gustafson 4/11/11 Monday 4/11 Commentary Through the excerpt from Dreaming of Heroes, by Michael Oriard, I was able to see a perspective on the development and significance of sports. According to Oriard, sports had evolved from pioneer life in which pioneers sought to enrich their lives through activity that would cause physical exertion as well as strategic input. My favorite quote which states, “this attempt to achieve maximum control of the environment where total human control is
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Unformatted text preview: impossible, is analogous to the task of the pioneer who had to defend his homestead or claim against the encroachment of beasts, enemies, and nature” clearly exemplifies this view of how sports was used as a replacement to the actual threats of daily life. Sports played a huge role in the pioneer communities in that it was an outlet for the men and women to release their pent up energies and relive the days of pioneering....
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