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Leader as Maker of Culture

Leader as Maker of Culture - Barrier to change liability...

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Leader as Maker of Culture Concepts – if everyone shared values, beliefs, norms, you wouldn’t need a lot of supervision, rules, procedures, or anything really to tell you what to do Dominant culture – culture shared by majority of people in the firm; subcultures – smaller cultures in the firm, sometimes in particular departments or geographic locations, BUT even though there are subcultures, EVERYONE shares the dominant culture Strength of culture – how widely/deeply shared it is, how much it affects us Describing & Assessing Organization Culture – differences between cultures Role in Organization Effectiveness
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Unformatted text preview: Barrier to change liability sucks because you can’t change people’s cultures making flexibility an issue Barrier to diversity instigates groupthink, less viewpoints, no different ways to look at things. Everyone’s the same, no innovation Barrier to acquisitions & mergers: you can’t merge two cultures that are too different from each other Learn about Org. Culture Stories are usually filled about some employee or senior rep. that overcame long odds to do something for the co. The stories indirectly teach you the cultures and values that the firm values. Rituals reinforce their cultural values as well...
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