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Leader as Politician Stakeholders – everyone is one. Owners want returns, customers want high quality cheap product, senior managers want control, lower level employees want good wages high quality of work life, gov’t regulators want firms to operate in consistence with the law Firms do well as long as they keep those stakeholders satisfied: owners can leave, workers can leave, etc. Power You don’t have to use your power to be powerful, some of the more successful leaders use power sparingly. It’s the potential to use that power. The more you use power the more you may be showing not to have power. Remember power is the POTENTIAL ability to influence others Power is only exercised when there’s CHOICE. Coercive power is often not used because it has many negative implications Expert power decays over time as knowledge in the world increases rapidly over time Referent power is people like ghandi, jfk, etc. people who are influential. People want to be
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Unformatted text preview: influenced by them. People get into problems when they focus on only one base of power. Each base power is a double edged sword in that they have benefits and weaknesses so good leaders have several of these. Power as Dependency The key source of dependency is uncertainty. Firms hate uncertainty. The firm is most dependent on people who absorb the most uncertainty. They make more money, have promotions have bigger budgets because the co. is dependent on them. Firms pay people by the amount of uncertainty they absorb. Differences in power-dependency: professions and professionalization Why do some professions have more prestige, make more money than others? Everyone wants to be a professional because it puts up more barriers to entry, makes them more scarce Organizational Politics Why do we see political behavior in business? Look at the ‘reasons’ list...
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