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Leader as Visionary

Leader as Visionary - Leader as Visionary Problems with...

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Leader as Visionary Problems with Traditional Change Methods – the experts tell the doers what to do, so if something goes wrong, the doer blames the experts plans, while the experts blame the inefficiency of the doers Traditional change methods can be considered the worst way to change, yet this is the preferred method of most companies Managing Strategic Change Getting a felt need is difficult, most firms will see something wrong in their company and not think “oh we need to change”, but “we can just fine tune that with the policies and regulations within the company”, it’s difficult for firms to face the need for change. Once the felt need is est., a vision is necessary to envision the future and how it’s different and changed from the present Action Learning Process is where you learn new forms of leading, teaching, etc. Self – Design Strategy – radically different from traditional change The mult. Stakeholders have different divergent interests, otherwise it can lead to resistance or
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