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Motivation Motivation is not the same as performance! Doc Martens shoes co. is good at motivating employees They hire people with interests coinciding with the interests of the company such as younger people They also look for the quality of ambition The company utilizes important motivators by having the employees be a part of the decision making process. Doc Martens also tries hard to make sure their employees are being treated equitably and paid fairly, they also provide free transportation, provide facilities such as discos, trips, welfare and social club, sick pay They also sponsor sports, the arts, and charities designed ‘to put something back into the community.’ It is difficult to find and keep qualified workers. Doc Martens convey the message that employees are extremely important to keep them around Doc Martens employees can count that management is hard at work to find solutions for them Incentives, job security, employee feedback lures them. Theories of Motivation
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