Video4notes - Leader as Team Player Motivation, Ability,...

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Leader as Team Player Motivation, Ability, Opportunity – Performance problems for an individual When it’s a team you have to look at those three effects for everyone in the team as well as the interaction between everyone else in the team called coordination and coordination costs Why Groups / Teams? The text uses groups and teams differently, but the video uses them interchangeably. Look up text! But… Whenever there are people in teams there HAS TO BE coordination costs All the possibility of miscommunication, poor decision making, etc. If everyone worked alone, the only problems: motivation, ability, opportunity. No coordination costs Teams take longer to make decisions and often waste time Not everyone is listened to everyone on the team – all these probs are coordination costs. External Conditions Various features that characterizes how the firm is designed Every company tries to squeeze more performance for less and less resources Group Member Resources Do members have task relevant knowledge, skills and abilities? Do they have experience with this task? In general a group of more skilled members will perform better than a group with less skills But skills aren’t everything. How well do personality characteristics match together with the group? Ex. What if everyone in the team was high Machiavellian. Their problem will be that everyone would want to be the leader. Group Structure Many people bring past experiences when fulfilling their roles Famous experiment late 60s early 70s at Stanford. They were studying how it is people take on and learn roles in social setting so quickly. They set up a condition where people would purposely take on roles where they had no exp with and never done before. The experiment was done over two weeks and they were paid. The subjects that were chosen were extremely psychologically mature and healthy (they had to test to get in). They broke this group of subjects into a prisoner and prison guard roles. They then set up a mock prison. If you were a prisoner, they drove up to your house randomly in a police car randomly handcuffed you and took you to prison for two weeks with visitor hours.
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Video4notes - Leader as Team Player Motivation, Ability,...

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