alcohol related injuries and deaths

alcohol related injuries and deaths - related injury or...

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March 26, 2012 Dr. Robert Seufert’s research focuses on fatalities and serious injuries that have resulted from alcohol-related causes. I think this topic is important to talk about with college-aged students because of the high alcohol-intake on campuses nationwide. Dr. Seufert reported that Ohio holds 40% of the nation’s fatalities each year, which are predominantly males between the ages of 25 and 64 years old. One of Dr. Seufert’s main goals with his research is to evaluate the effectiveness of Clermont County’s Municipal OVI Court and also propose standardized methodologies to evaluate other OVI courts. He found that there are certain regression variables (such as age, race, sex, high school diploma, children, relationship status, etc.) that effect a person’s propensity score, or the more likely they will be to cause an alcohol-
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Unformatted text preview: related injury or death. Although I think this is a good way of attempting to filter out the rotten eggs, I find two problems with this hypothesis. First, just because someone scores high (or low) on regression variables, doesnt necessarily mean they will be the cause. There are too many external factors that can contribute to accidents. A person, who may score low on the variable, may make one bad decision and cause an injury or death. Life is too random. Second, if a person scores high on these factors, what is the next step? Are we not allowed to let these people into bars or have a drivers license? There is not much you can do to prevent alcohol-related injuries until after they have happened....
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