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Here are the study questions for the essay portion of the first midterm exam. I strongly urge you to prepare to answer either question. You should come to the exam with a mental outline of the points you want to make and the examples you want to discuss to illustrate your points. You may not use notes or texts during the exam. Criteria of excellence for your essay include the following: Show a firm grasp of the material Skillfully relate general ideas, concepts, and themes to particular examples and cases Be clearly organized, with a clear beginning and conclusion and a logical progression of points Be written in a specific, clear manner; vaguely worded statements and breezy generalities are less impressive Demonstrate a sense of the complexity of the materials and questions dealt with, as well as an ability to deal with that complexity in a thoughtful and persuasive way, perhaps by examining various sides of an issue or considering multiple viewpoints, time permitting Question A From the Shang period down through the Han era and beyond, China has seen a number of
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