CH17&18_oletherepoxide - Please make sure you indicate...

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Chemistry 307: Organic Chemistry Quiz 9 Name: ____________________________________ Chapter 9: Alcohols, Ethers, Epoxides 25 points October 27, 2009 Chapter 9 covered a lot of reactions. Please pay attention to stereochemistry where appropriate. 1) (14 points) In lecture we discussed how the steps in a reaction help you to understand how a reaction works. If you understand the mechanism, you don’t have to memorize so many different reactions. Let’s take a look at some reaction steps on the way to products. If you know the way the reaction works, the stereochemistry should make sense.
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Unformatted text preview: Please make sure you indicate the stereochemistry where appropriate. POCl 3 O H N CH 3 OH CH 3 CH 2 H NaOCH 3 O H CH 3 OH C H 3 H H TsCl pyridine H-Br 1) NaC 2 H 2) H 2 O PBr 3 SOCl 2 pyridine 2) (6 points) a) Draw the structure of TsOH and provide the approximate pK a . b) Provide the product of the following reactions. OH H Br CH 3 NaH CH 3 CH 2 OH H 2 SO 4 3) (5 points) Draw a stepwise mechanism for the following reaction. Br OH NaH C 4 H 8 O BONUS (2pts): Give the name and structure for DMSO. Briefly describe what it is (i.e. what type of solvent)....
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CH17&18_oletherepoxide - Please make sure you indicate...

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