Writing 140 A2 (Revised)

Writing 140 A2 (Revised) - Misra 1 Ayesha Misra Writing...

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Misra 1 Ayesha Misra Writing 140 , 64505D SWMS 215 Dr . Jenell Navarro Assignment #2 28 September 2011 Criticisms on a Controversial Film (Revised Essay) Lisa Cholodenko ’s 2010 film “The Kids Are All Right” took on a controversial subject to deal with: a lesbian couple raising kids . With such a controversial topic, of course, come opinions , like those of film critics Jack Halberstam, Jasbir Puar, and Karen Tongson. The former gave a negative review of the film , while the latter two were more positive. Halberstam views “The Kids Are Alright” as a “soul-crushing depiction of long-term relationships, lesbian parenting and mid-life crisis .” Although Halberstam was often correct in his critique, I would argue that he failed to make a compelling argument about his opinion that the lesbian couple in the film and their problems were not portrayed realistically enough in the film ; this is due to the critic ’s narrow-minded and oversimplifying outlook on the movie . Although Halberstam does not deliver his message across very effectively , he still does certain things well in his critique . For one, his use of language is very powerful, and even though the idea behind his critique is not supported well , the syntax and wording of the sentences used to argue it are well thought out . At one point during his review, Halberstam states that “If the film wanted to take a hard look at lesbian parenting and refute the idea that too many moms spoil
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Misra 2 the broth , I would have embraced that.” He then goes on to repeatedly use the same “If…, I would have… ” format to establish what else the film failed to do. This use of anaphora, even if the actual arguments were off , helps to make a convincing argument by showing in rapid succession just how many ways the film fails . Halberstam’s word choice also had a positive effect on his paper . He manages to use academic vocabulary like “phallic”, “flaccid”, and “superfluous” to appeal to an audience of a slightly higher intelligence level. However, he makes sure that this does not take away from the fact that the film was still dealing with a controversial topic that is difficult for many to talk about . Halberstam just does it in a style that takes out the awkwardness of addressing certain uncomfortable subjects . For example, there is a point in this critique where he says
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Writing 140 A2 (Revised) - Misra 1 Ayesha Misra Writing...

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