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Writing 140 A3 Essay - Misra 1 Ayesha Misra Writing 140...

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Misra 1 Ayesha Misra Writing 140 , 64505D SWMS 215 Dr . Jenell Navarro Assignment #2 21 October 2011 Women Pushed Into Sex Work: Choice or Obligation? Sex work , which is basically the process of giving sexual favors in exchange for money, involves various activities including prostitution , stripping, and phone sex. For most women, this is thought of as very demeaning . So why did so many women start going into this field after the beginning of immigration in the U .S.? Immigration to the land of opportunities is supposed to be a chance to start over and live in freedom , but this was not the case for many. Although immigrant women were allowed into the U .S. to find jobs, pressure to support their families and lack of opportunities in decent careers pushed many women to turn to sex work as an occupation; this goes to show that gender was a determining factor in the labor industry for immigrants in the U .S., with immigrants, and especially women being discriminated against in terms of hiring for jobs . Immigrants have been moving to America for ages to find jobs , to fulfill the American dream of earning money and living well in the land of opportunities . From the very beginning, Americans were preferred over any other ethnicity to fill the jobs in the country . Next in preference were usually the Europeans, as sociologist Evelyn Nakano Glenn points out in her
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Misra 2 article “Women and Labor Migration” . However, more than anything else, it was the male race that was preferred over anything else in the process of hiring . They were presumed to be stronger , both mentally and physically, for most jobs. This left women last in line in regards to preference for hiring , but it was the non-whites that were most discriminated in this process. Women that weren ’t American or European usually ended up getting the last jobs that no one else wanted or would do (Glenn) . Women were already in competition for the few jobs that men weren ’t trying to become hired in themselves, like tailoring, nursing, caretaking, etc. This competition for work left almost nothing for women immigrants to do . All the preference was given to the whites (Glenn) . These foreigners were left in an extremely difficult position; they had a family to take care of and a dream to fulfill , but almost no jobs were available to them. Most of these women had immigrated to America for various important reasons . Some wanted to escape the cruelty in their home country , others wanted to be able to make money in the states because of barriers that prevented them from doing so in their own land , and most needed to make more money to support their family , either the one back home or the one they brought with them . Each woman had a different story, but most ran along these lines, with them desperately
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Writing 140 A3 Essay - Misra 1 Ayesha Misra Writing 140...

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