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Writing 140 A4 - Misra 1 Ayesha Misra Writing 140, 64505D...

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Misra 1 Ayesha Misra Writing 140 , 64505D SWMS 215 Dr . Jenell Navarro Assignment #2 14 November 2011 Sterilization Abuse: Caution or Racial Genocide ? Sterilization abuse is not something to be taken lightly . Though it does not kill a fetus, it does prevent babies from being born that otherwise could have lived and contributed to society . The 1970 ’s were a time during which this was especially prevalent, but only towards colored women , so as to prevent them from becoming pregnant. Again, though there were no babies actually killed , these women were not even given a chance to produce children that could become a part of society . Although some may say that sterilization abuse against colored women in the 1970 ’s was a result of overpopulation scares, I argue that this taking of reproductive rights was a form of racial genocide undertaken to uphold white supremacy in America . Sterilization abuse against colored women , which included blacks, Latinas, and Native American women , increased primarily during the 1970’s. The 1960’s and 70’s were very crucial years for blacks , as this was the time period during which the Civil Rights Movement took place and blacks were fighting for and winning more rights in a country once dominated by whites . With so many protests going on and blacks being granted more privileges by presidents like Kennedy and Johnson , whites, although they were still the ones in control, were slowly losing
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Misra 2 their supremacy and hold over the nation . At the same time, the colored population was growing and needing more welfare from the government . For a long time, whites have tried to control the bodies of black women and their reproductivity by using it against them since the time of slavery . As socialist Dorothy Roberts details in her novel, they were impregnated against their will during slavery so as to produce more slaves for their white masters , and later, during the 70s , they were forcefully prevented from having more children when the government realized that more of their kind meant more was expected from the government in terms of financial assistance . Along with this, the role of black women as mothers has often been degraded as there is a misconception that most of them are single , drug-using, alcoholic mothers that gave birth as teenagers (Roberts 101) . This assumption that these women are irresponsible and unworthy to take care of children led society and the government to look down on colored women with many children . These factors played important roles in the government wanting to sterilize women of
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Writing 140 A4 - Misra 1 Ayesha Misra Writing 140, 64505D...

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