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Writing 140 A5 - Misra 1 Ayesha Misra Writing 140, 64505D...

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Misra 1 Ayesha Misra Writing 140 , 64505D SWMS 215 Dr . Jennell Navarro Assignment #5 02 December 2011 Facebook: Benefit to Society Almost anything these days can be accomplished with the click of a button . Digital media has made this possible , with new gadgets coming out every year. All kinds of digital media including television , films, text messaging, blogs, Youtube, and social networking sites are very popular and widely used by the public , increasingly more so as the years progress. In a time in which 96 .7% of Americans have TV’s in their homes, 91% use cellphones, and almost all of them have internet access , it is safe to say that digital media is a very powerful influence on the way society reasons (Loving 130) . Much of the public’s understanding of societal issues is based on what they can gather from the media , and it is off of this that they think and act. One such form of media is the world ’s currently most popular social networking site, Facebook. This website has played a major role in furthering the world ’s interactions with its many issues of late . Although some may say that digital media is impersonal and intangible, I would argue that it has played a major role in expanding the public ’s knowledge of important social issues. Created in 2004 , Facebook has been furthering the public’s understanding of society’s many issues ever since . This social networking site boasts over 800 million users, a number that
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Misra 2 continues to rapidly increase everyday (Young 23) . Developed by the now famous Mark Zuckerburg , Facebook has brought together people from all across the world. Communication has been its biggest selling point (although it is completely free to users) with people in America able to now freely communicate with family and friends in China without running up a large phone bill . It helps people get to know each other better and share their ideas with them. Sharing is another extremely important part of Facebook . The users of this site have the ability to post links to videos (most of them being from Youtube) , articles, pictures, music, blogs, etc. The increasing number of apps on Facebook , like Twitter, Tumblr, and iFunny also help with the sharing . This increase in sharing of knowledge and ideas also increases awareness among Facebook users of what is going on in society . Increased awareness and knowledge also leads to increased opinions , and this is apparent in the amount of feedback users give on all these shared links . Whether it be a Youtube video or a picture, people are not afraid to post what they have to say . Facebook plays a large role in the acceptance of something in society, whether it be small or
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Writing 140 A5 - Misra 1 Ayesha Misra Writing 140, 64505D...

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