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Writing 140 Assignment 1 - Misra 1 Ayesha Misra Writing 140...

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Misra 1 Ayesha Misra Writing 140 , 64505D SWMS 215 Dr . Jenell Navarro Assignment #1 9 September 2011 Race and Class Vs. Gender Most would agree that there is a fairly large difference in the way society views men and women . Although many may point to the biological differences between males and females as the reason for the split between the gender roles , I would argue that race and class differences are major contributors in shaping gender roles , because generally women of a wealthier status appear to have more freedom , as do those of western races. Higher social classes tend to give women more power than do those of lower ones . This appears to be true across the world . Although men are still very important, women are given more respect in these social circles because of the influence they have in the corporate and business worlds . Many of them even make more money than males. Women have somewhat different gender roles depending on the race they are from . Women in western cultures tend to have much more freedom in their activities . Many females from this Caucasian race , in America and Europe, hold jobs and do more than just stay at home and raise their children . They have more say in their societies as well as in their own household. Their freedom is also expressed through their hobbies and the type of clothes they wear , as well
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Misra 2 as the way they speak . A woman in these cultures can send her kids to school, go out by herself to shop , watch any movie she wants, and come home to relax. Males aren’t always the breadwinners in these families . Although it is rare, it is not unheard of for a man to be the one that stays home to take care of the kids while the woman goes to work everyday and brings home money to the family . Likewise, there are many men in these races that do more cooking, laundry , and household chores than women. The women in these cultures no longer fit as comfortably into the ‘“woman in the kitchen’” stereotype. The number of female construction workers , athletes, mechanics, and plumbers increases everyday in these places, as do the number of male cooks , dancers, and tailors. In other cultures
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Writing 140 Assignment 1 - Misra 1 Ayesha Misra Writing 140...

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