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Ideal spouse - Ayesha Misra My Ideal Spouse The...

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Ayesha Misra My Ideal Spouse The characteristics I look for in an ideal spouse are ideas I have formed over many years since I was around nine years old. This was done through movies and tv shows I watched, as well as books I read. Occasionally, I also gathered some ideas through men in real life that I’d seen or heard about. All these mediums created one specific type of man that I really want. Basically, I want my ideal spouse to be smart, funny, decent looking, genuine, concerned about others, knowledgeable about the world, romantic, sensible, a dog lover, good with kids, loving, spontaneous, hard working, sensitive, fun, somewhat athletic, love music, willing to share chores after marriage, love movies, like to dance, and faithful. I don’t have an exact look of what this man will look like because I’m not as particular on physical appearances, as long as he looks decent. This man would ideally be someone I meet in college, ideally in medical school. Although he doesn’t have to have the same interests as me, it would be preferable, but I’m
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Ideal spouse - Ayesha Misra My Ideal Spouse The...

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