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Kim essay - Ayesha Misra M,W 10am lecture Love, Marriage,...

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Ayesha Misra M,W 10am lecture Love, Marriage, and the Experience of Being a Wife Why Kim Kardashian’s Marriage Ended A very popular and publicized recent marriage has been that of Kim Kardashian’s. As a well known icon in pop culture, Kim’s life is extremely publicized because of her well known reality tv show, Keeping Up With the Kardashians. Being a person followed by millions around the world, Kim’s 72-day long marriage was a huge deal to all her fans as they had been curious as to who she would marry for a very long time. As shown on her show, this Kardashian had a lot of pressure to get married. Her older sister Kourtney already had a son, and her younger sister Khloe was happily married, making Kim the only Kardashian to still be single. Her mother also put a lot of pressure on Kim to get married. Most of all, Kim herself had always wanted a fairytale wedding with a dream marriage to the perfect man. Pressure from family and Kim’s own high expectations could have been the reason her marriage failed; she was more in love with the idea of marriage than marriage itself. Last year, Kim finally met the guy she thought she wanted to marry: Kris Humphreys, professional basketball player for the Nets. It could have been all the pressure that forced her to think this, but Kim felt like Kris was the perfect man for her because he made her laugh and appreciated her, as revealed on the show. Kim had always been attracted to athletes, before this, she had gotten out of relationships with football player Reggie Bush, and another baseball player. Kim and Kris felt like they were in love, and after only a few months of dating, decided to get married. Kim’s sisters were not fans of Kris from the very beginning, but telling this to Kim only resulted in fights,
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Kim essay - Ayesha Misra M,W 10am lecture Love, Marriage,...

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