Gender Conflicts SP #1

Gender Conflicts SP #1 - Misra 1 Ayesha Misra SWMS 215 Dr....

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Misra 1 Ayesha Misra SWMS 215 Dr . Sherry Velasco 14 September 2011 Men v. Women: Who is the Bigger “Slut”? If a general audience was told to imagine both a female stripper and a male stripper and asked which was classier, many would choose the latter. Likewise, when told about a slut/whore, many would wrinkle their noses in disgust, but when told about a man whore that gets many girls, they are often able to muster a laugh, or at the very most, a roll of the eyes. Why is it that there are such different perceptions about the promiscuity of men and women? Although both males and females are promiscuous, society generally tends to treat men more favorably in these situations, and this is likely due to the fact that women have always been the more guarded and protected gender throughout time. On the internet, it is easier to find degradable terms for slutty women than it is to find them for men of the same nature. The terms for women are in more abundance and more commonly known. The media has seemed to play a large role in this. When films and TV. shows portray women that like having a lot of sex with different men, it usually ends up being a sad show or movie, with a moving ending in which the female either has a tragic death or finally betters herself. However, films and TV shows containing men that are players tend to portray them in a comic light, with them often remaining the same throughout the show. Similarly, all the new songs coming out these days often talk about sex in a very casual manner. Most of these songs are sung by male singers or rappers talking casually about how they’re going to “wrap a girl up like a pornography poster” or how they plan “to do her over and over again.” It is very 1
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Gender Conflicts SP #1 - Misra 1 Ayesha Misra SWMS 215 Dr....

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