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Religion Discussion Notes 1/20/12 : The Emergence of Judaism -Make sure you know the timeline: *The Emergence of Israel (1000-586 BCE) *The Persian Period (53f 9-332 BCE) *The Hellenistic Period (332-167 BCE) *Maccabean Revolt (167-63 BCE) *Roman Period (from 63 BCE) -Genesis can be seen as a historical narrative -Abraham is from Ur, which was in Mesopatania, not modern-day Israel - The stories of the Torah, TNK, and Bible were all orally passed down. But the first written version of the five books did not happen till… - At this period, the Emergence of Israel, the Jews are living in a tribal society, the 12 tribes of Israel. At the end of this period, they become a monarchy: class divisions are set up, and people are irritated that rich people are more favored. Corvee was a labor tax they had to pay. King Sol came to power in 1025 BCE, so this when the monarchy was set up. - The temple was set up in 539 BCE (in the Persian Period) and became the center of religious worship. It contained the arc of the covenant. Israel and the Jews are forming their identity around this temple. The temple lasts until the Roman period, when it gets destroyed by those that believed in monotheism, not polytheism like these Jews in these periods. - During the Hellenistic Period, the Jews really take on the culture of the Greeks. So they decided that it was ok for them to eat pork, and bring impure things into the temple. They started dressing and speaking like Greeks. - Maccabea and his relatives started a rebellion.
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Religion Discussion Notes - Religion Discussion Notes...

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