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Religion Notes - Religion Notes 1/09/12 What do you need in...

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Religion Notes 1/09/12 What do you need in a religion? - faith, creation theory, social teaching/culture, history, afterdeath (judgment), someone/thing to worship, texts, members, prayer/chanting, good + bad priests/teachers, tenets/rules, rituals, traditions, meaning, answer to suffering 1/11/12: Evolution of Religions - The actual formal study of religion didn’t begin till the late middle ages. - When Colombus landed, he perceived the Native American as the “inhabitantes went naked, without shame, religion, or god.” - For Colombus, religion was basically something with an abstract god, Christianity. - To European explorers, Christianity made people civilized, as they thought when they changed the cannibal-like Native Americans to clothes-wearing civilized people. -This is when people actually began thinking about religion. -Europeans had trouble with the mythology of non-European people, but had the most trouble with understanding their rituals, like the dancing around fire, etc. - They thought other religions weren’t proper religions, they were primitive. -They thought religions could get better the more European-like they got. RELIGION -Roman and Christian usage: cubic terms referring primarily to the careful performance of ritual obligations -English adverbial construction “religiously” designating a conscientious thought How did religion begin? - Tindal , (a Protestant) a learned scholar thought. If god gave people religion, then he must have given them the intelligence to practice it. All believers thought there was only one true religion. He believed that belief in God was the one true religion, and since God
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Religion Notes - Religion Notes 1/09/12 What do you need in...

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