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Religion paper tips: -3 pages )Nicaea and Calceden, Calceden is longer -double spaced -citing: (Nicaea, Cannon 5) or (Nicaea, creed) -Thesis outline: The evidence from the counsel shows that Christianity has become very centralized (blank) since the time of Paul. Theme should show how Christianity transitioned from a minority religion to a more centralized one. -You have a creed (the theological part) and then the cannons, which are like laws -purpose of the Talmudic discussion: to continue the discussion, and you’re supposed to just blindly accept it, read it, and not question it -need to make a comparison with Early Christianity and Paul -In Calceden, bishops are trying to express their authority over people -Monks and holy people and saints are really trying to push against the bishops in Nicaea. -By Calceden, there is an established hierarchy. -By now, they’re seeing that people are converting to christinaiy probably not for the faith, but to be a part of the hierarchy. There’s concern that people aren’t converting for
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