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Final Paper Due : last day of class Paper Overview : We’re approaching the end of the course, so now it’s time to apply the larger issues we’ve discussed in class to a smaller, more focused area of your choice. This is your opportunity to explore something that interests you, in the form of a 10-12 page paper. 1 Requirements : You have the option of gearing your paper more towards research or analysis. If you choose research , the expectation is a well thought-out bibliography that tries to get to the bottom of a complicated event, movement, issue, etc. rather than just a book-report level introduction to the topic. If you prefer analysis , we’re looking for a thorough dissection of one or more texts, which can include literature, film, music, visual arts, etc. Remember that the issue you choose doesn’t occur in a vacuum: you have centuries of Russian history and context that can come to your aid. Be thoughtful and creative about how these
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