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Unformatted text preview: SLL330g – Russian Thought & Civilization Onegin in English translation "My uncle has most honest principles: when taken ill in earnest, he has made one respect him and nothing better could invent. To others his example is a lesson; but, good God, what a bore to sit by a sick man both day and night, without moving a step away! What base perfidiousness the half-alive one to amuse, adjust for him the pillows, sadly present the medicine, sigh -- and think inwardly when will the devil take you?" - V. Nabokov "Now that he is in grave condition, My uncle, decorous old dunce, Has won respectful recognition; And done the perfect thing for once. His action be a guide to others; But what a bore, I ask you, brothers, To tend a patient night and day And venture not a step away: Is there hypocrisy more glaring Than to amuse one all but dead, Shake up the pillow for his head, Dose him with melancholy bearing, And think behind a public sigh: 'Deuce take you, step on it and die!'"'Deuce take you, step on it and die!...
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