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Leah Harari 04/02/2012 JOUR 201 Term Paper Memo Topic: The role of Edward R. Murrow in changing the face of broadcast journalism. Thesis: Well known as one of the most famous figures in broadcast journalism, Edward R. Murrow not only popularized the then-burgeoning field, but also changed the face of American politics and reporting practices. Evidence/Research: “Murrow’s Boys” – reported WWII from the front lines First correspondent from the Allies to report the conditions within the Nazi death camps See it Now – one of television’s first documentary series (Peabody Award, for Emmys) Radulovich case investigative journalism and shift in American politics + national trust for the government Launched a campaign against John McCarthy and tarnished his reputation across the nation Appointed by John F. Kennedy as head of the U.S. Information Agency
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Unformatted text preview: Research Outline: I. Early Life i. Influences/childhood/education, etc. ii. Infancy of television/early broadcast journalism practices II. WWII Reporting i. “Murrow’s Boys” ii. Nazi death camps iii. Impact of his front-line journalism methods iv. Returns to U.S. as a hero III. Hear it Now i. Impact ii. Famous features IV. See it Now i. Influential stories • Radulovich case • John McCarthy/ rift with CBS • Focused on the “common man” ii. Award nominations iii. Lasting impact • Reporting practices V. Later Life i. JFK–U.S. Information Agency ii. Acclaim/ popularity • Famous tag lines (“Good night and good luck”, “This…is London”) • Awards and honors • Movies/books written about him ( Good Night and Good Luck) iii. Death • Lung cancer in 1964...
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termpapermemo - Research Outline I Early Life i...

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