105Lab07MetaRks - Geol 105 Lab 7 _ week of Feb. 27 March 2,...

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Geol 105 Lab 7 ___________________ week of Feb. 27 – March 2, 2012 LAB 7: METAMORPHIC ROCKS INTRODUCTION This week we explore our last group of rocks, metamorphic rocks. Just like igneous and sedimentary rocks, metamorphic rocks have their own language and mysteries to unravel. As implied by their name, metamorphic rocks record spectacular changes that occur when igneous, sedimentary, or older metamorphic rocks experience changing temperatures and pressures. These changes include the growth of new minerals and deformation of the rock, typically recorded by the development of new structures in the rock. Let’s examine some of these changes. Once again the geologic record gives us firsthand evidence of how unique and alive our planet is. STATION 1. PARENT ROCK TO METAMORPHIC ROCK 1. Match the parent (notice each parent rock is labeled) to the correct metamorphic rock, and write the metamorphic rock name in the blank. Here are the four metamorphic rocks (to match to parent rock): rock #12 blueschist rock # 30 marble (Fig. 7.9) rock # 5 quartzite (Fig. 7.11) rock # 21 metaconglomerate (Fig. 7.13) PARENT METAMORPHIC ROCK quartz sandstone ______________________ basalt ______________________ limestone ______________________ (hint – CaCO 3 composition, reacts to acid) sand/pebbles conglomerate ______________________ 1 of 5
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STATION 2. THE BIG SQUEEZE: ROCK DEFORMATION Metamorphism means change. Not only are there changes in minerals and textures during metamorphism, but the SHAPE of grains, crystals and structures in the rock may change as well. There are 3 rock samples at this station.
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105Lab07MetaRks - Geol 105 Lab 7 _ week of Feb. 27 March 2,...

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