Class Assignment _09 for Class _10 (1)

Class Assignment _09 for Class _10 (1) - ASSIGNMENT #9, DUE...

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ASSIGNMENT #9, DUE IN CLASS #10 MODULE 3: PRO FORMAS AND FORECASTING Class #10 Goals: Continue Pro Forma Analysis using spreadsheets to create normalized business plans. Look at Functions of a Business Plan…. . The Balanced ScoreCard a Lecture…. . ASSIGNMENT #9, DUE IN CLASS #10 Administrative: a. Your term paper due dates were assigned by lottery during the midterm exam and are now posted in the announcements section of Blackboard. The first term papers will be presented in Class in the middle of November. Please know your term paper submittal dates. b. Your first half participation grades should begin to be posted up over the next two weeks. c. Late Homeworks from the first half of class are no longer accepted. d. Remember to put your last name, first name and assignment number on all homework, files and anything submitted for grading. No name, no assignment number means NO GRADE. e. Remember that we toss old homework and submittals according to our throw away policy stated in Class #1. Assignment #9, Due Class #10 1. Please prepare your answers to this question and, if you choose, submit them before class to me at [email protected] so I may share with the class. The goal of this problem is for you to create a flexible EXCEL
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Class Assignment _09 for Class _10 (1) - ASSIGNMENT #9, DUE...

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